Cool mist 10ml

Crispy menthol
Manufacturer: Halo
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e-liquids nicotine level

Mystic has a subtile menthol taste, which is described by "crispy". Th menthol taste in this Halo e-liquid is very present, but certainly not as overpowering as subzero. 

Mysthic can be used as a complementary menthol taste in an existing flavour, or as an independant menhtol vape.

If it comes to find a qualititively good methol vape, Mystic is worth to giving it a shot.

Products specifications
PG/VG unknown, but high PG
taste menthol
Origin United States
size 10 ml
Diacetyl Diacetyl and acetyl propionyl free
Diacetyl certificate
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