The captain's reserve sails to Belgium

We are proud to anounce that we have agreed terms with The captain's reserve to collaborate in the distribution of their liquids in Belgium.

The Captain's reserve is a respected e-liquid producer in the UK, and wants to strengthen their market share via this collaboration with We 'll distribute following liquids:

  • Polly's Plunder : dragon fruit, tangerine, tropical berries
  • Captain's custard : custard, caramel, banana
  • Monkey Business : peanut butter, banana, chocolat
  • Mutiny : strawberry yoghurt, cereal
  • traitor : apples in maple sirup
  • cannon fodder : fruit cheescake
  • Starboard : kiwi, mango, apple, lemonn 

 Aye Aye, captain !!

civap distribution and Hügel GmbH have agreed to work together in the distribution of e-liquids of the brand Civap. These e-liquids are German made and got sold more and more in Europe.

Civap has 4 tobacco flavours, 2 apple, 1 cherry and 1 menthol flavour. These 8 liquids are left over as they are the bestsellers of Civap.

Agreement with Halo Cigs

Since march 2016, we 've agreed to sell and distribute the e-liquids of Halo in Belgium.

As one of the first Belgian distributors, we're very proud with this partnership.

Belgian law kills Belgian Vapers

Please help !

Because the Belgian law came with the brilliant idea to ask 4000 euro for every product, there will be concequences:

  • Smaller brands can not pay for this. This investment does not pay itselves back in 5 years
  • Bigger brands don't want to pay for this. After all.... it's only Belgium we're talking about.
  • Importers are not going to pay for it. If 1 wholesaler pays for it, the rest profits of it.

Now that Belgium and Poland came with this stupid idea, other countries will follow. Imagine that you have to pay 1000 euro per product in every country. How could you even manage to do that ?

Note: vaping is 95% more healty than smoking. If I would fight lung cancer, I'd be sponsoring electronic smoking in stead of punishing it. Ow there is another small disadvantage. These costs are NON-REFUNDABLE !!!! Why would a company even consider non-refundable costs....because they have to pay it (fines)

So...again the Belgian law kills their own economie. But hey we can keep on smoking and die of lung cancer. They won't blame themselves...

The advantage of the e-cigaret on your health could not be proven yet on the long term.

All these "issues" make me absolutely sure that this is a move of the corrupt minister Maggie De Block, who is responsible for the public's health ????????

So besides the economie, the smoker's health is also not important enough to consider...