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EliteLiquids supplies shops (and wholesales) with e-liquids and hardware of e-cigarettes. We are constantly negotiating with factories, so drop by from time to time, or subscribe to our newsletter to find out our new products

Wholesalers and shops can register by clicking the link on top of the page. After our approval you can check the stock status and product prices of our available products. Minimum order amount is 120 euro VAT excl. 

Factory representatives can apply via the link in the menu. We will contact you as soon as possible to arrange terms for a quality check.

Consumers can not apply for an account, please visit one of our clients.


 Attention: only registered and approved customers can look into our catalogue !

The new Belgian law came out on november 17th, and will have some arrangements to do. This law indicates that it has to be activated on january 17th of 2017, meaning manufacturers, distributors AND shopholders only have 2 months to realsize this change
New vapeshop in Zottegem -Thursday, July 21, 2016
From the beginning of september there will be a new vapeshop in Flanders, Belgium. This shop will not only be there to start up new vapors, but also to fullfill the needs of the more needy and advanced vapors.