Vampire vape (UK)

Vampire vape is active as an e-liquid manufacturer since 2012. At this moment thay have more than 50 flavours, and keep on developing new flavours as you read this, thanks to their 2 full time flavourists.

Vampire vape is not only one of the most known brands of the UK, they also rule in a big part of the rest of Europe. Since the legalisation of vaping in Belgium, they'll try to invade there as well, starting with their most popular liquids: Heisenberg en pinkman.

Each bottle of liquid is traceable because they always store a sample of each batch for futre testing. These samples are stored for the whole 15 years.


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Heisenberg 10ml R4B

cool crystal

Pinkman 10ml R4B

fruit explosion of red fruits

Applelicious 10ml

granny smith

Attraction 10ml

red berries and menthol

Banana 10ml


Bat Juice 10ml

fruity berries with aniseed twist

Berry Menthol 10ml

mix of berries with crushed menthol

Black ice 10ml

cool aniseed

Blueberry 10ml


Cool red lips 10ml

cherry menthol

Dawn 10ml

forest fruit and menthol

Dusk 10ml

raspberry lemonade fizz

Energy 10ml

Energy drink

Funky Monkey 10ml

banaan, chocolade en anijs

Ice Menthol 10ml

munt (sterk)

Raspberry sorbet 10ml

Raspberry Sorbet

Red lips 10ml

Red Lips

Rhubarb and custard 10ml

Rhubarb and custard

Sherbet Lemon 10ml

lemon candy