Neon Green Slushie 10ml

citrus lime blend
Manufacturer: element
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e-liquids nicotine level

Neon Green Slushie of Far is an e-liquid that tastes and smells just like lime mixed candy. Far compares it with a slushie made of lime, what they are absolutely right about. A must-taste for every lime and or candy lover.

The e-liquid Neon Green Slushie belongs to the Dripper range of the brand Element, named Far. Thee e-liquids are known as High VG or Dripper liquids  and MUST be tasted by every experienced vaper, because once tasted, always convinced !

Products specifications
PG/VG 25/75
taste lime and candy
Origin United States
size 10 ml
Diacetyl Diacetyl and acetyl propionyl free
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