Element Emulsions (USA)

Element is an e-liquid manufacturer who has it's roots in the United states, but also has a distribution centre in the UK. The e-liquids have premium quality, and that is expressed by the many contests that they've won.

Element liquids has 2 ranges: the traditional range, and the dripper series. The emulsion series is the result of a mix of 2 e-liquids in the DRIPPER range.

The Emulsion range has a PG/VG rate of 20/80. 

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Fs + Cm 20ml

fresh squeeze en crema

KLC + FRST 20ml

key lime cookie + frst

LM + WC 20ml

Limon + watermelon chill

PNK + KLC 20ml

pink lemonade + key lime cookie

SW + BN 20ml

Strawberry Whip + Banana Nut