Vendor apply

Does your company sell liquids, and do you want to distribute them in Belgium? With Eliteliquids you came to the right address.

What can you expect from us?

  • creation of market value and brand recognition through our network of shops and wholesales
  • net growth
  • marketing
  • sales reporting


What do we expect from your company?

  • samples: we want to know what you want us to sell. We want to taste your product, and also let it get tasted by other experts on different hardware configurations. We need to believe in the product, so we need to be able to test it extensively.
  • overview of your bestseller products. 
  • marketing material: posters, stickers, product specifications, gadgets, hardware
  • acceptable prices: We need to be able to sell and promote your products. This won't only be sold in shops, but also being distributed with wholesales. 


How can you apply?

via mail !!

Send us an overview of your company: corporate data, starting date, country of origin, ingredients of the products,... always note whether we can or cannot mention it on our site.

Mention a contactperson where we can ask for info (mail address).

Be clear of what you expect from us when we work together.